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Income Investment Portfolio Design Tool

  Calculates the following:
  • Portfolio Dividend Yield
  • Portfolio Dividend Months
  • Portfolio Return vs S&P Return    
  • Portfolio Volatility vs S&P
Enter up to 12 Stock, Mutual Fund or ETF symbols below (comma or space separated):

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The following calculations are based on the performance of a portfolio consisting of equal dollar amounts of the securities you selected for the year 2018.

Portfolio Annual Dividend Yield:  0%

The shown portfolio yield is the effective dividend yield if your portfolio consisted of an equal dollar amount of each security you selected above. The monthly percentages in the chart above indicates the percentage of the annual dividend amount that was paid out in a given month. If your objective is to build an income portfolio, this will be a useful guide to gauge your dividend distribution throughout the year.

Portfolio Total Annual Return:  0%


This is the total portfolio return including dividends and capital gains.

Portfolio Volatility:  0%

This is the effective volatility of the entire portfolio.